Season dates
Oct 1st 2020 -
March 31st 2021

Closed Sundays 


* quantity predertimined by hunter(s) 
Quail            $12.00 ea   

Chukars       $15.00 ea  
Pheasants     $25.00 ea
Guide fee      $25.00 per gun
Under 16 no guide fee. 

1."Hunter Orange" Cap and Vest/Jacket.


2. Gun and Ammo

3. Cash or Check
**Commercial Preserve requires no license**

**Upland  game vest recommended**
**Upland clothing and boots recommended**
**No bag limit**
**No time limit**

++ Cash or Check only ++

Please call in advance to schedule a hunt.

Reservations are required.

++ Hall's Quail Preserve is not responsible for accidents++
++ Waivers will be issued and must be signed prior to hunting++